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The city stretches from Phulnakhara in south to Choudwar in north and Kandarpur in east to naraj in west while main city is located at the apex of the Mahanadi River delta.

Cuttack stretches from Phulnakhara across the Kathajodi in the south to Choudwar in north across the Birupa River, while in the east it begins at Kandarpur and runs west as far as Naraj.In the ancient time Capitals were often called as Cuttack like Bidanasi Cuttack, Ayodhya Cuttack, Mathura Cuttack, Varanasi Cuttack, etc.Being the Capital it has been simply called as Cuttack instead of Bidanasi Cuttack.who made Cuttack the seat of the new Orissa Subah (imperial top-level province) under Shah Jahan.By 1750, Cuttack came under Maratha rule and it grew fast as a business centre being the convenient point of contact between the Marathas of Nagpur and the English merchants of Bengal.

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