Centstorage error while updating

We get into bootloops, encounter errors, start looking for a solution and learn new lessons.

Today, we’ll see how to fix Status 7 error on Android devices. ORIf you just take a closer look at the recovery logs given above, you’ll get an idea about what lies at the root of different instances of the Status 7 Error while installing OTA files on Android devices.

To add variation to our mobile experience, we keep switching between stock and custom by trying ROMs, Kernels and mods and then returning to the official firmware.

If the flashing business is your favorite pastime as an Android user, you must have gone through many sweet and a few sour experiences.

For those lacking some background, the centreon procedure for graphing metrics follows this flow (for a full size image please click on the image itself): Following the above flow, one thing we noticed in our case was that /usr/local/nagios/var/service-perfdata was quite big (150MB).

This was unusual because centstorage usually reads this file about every 5 minutes, and when doing so, empties service-perfdata into service-perfdata_read, so the former file should never be too big. After checking the logs under /usr/local/centreon/log/ we noticed the following entry at exactly the same time that our problem started occurring: Waiting for centstorage to exit .. 17/2/2012 – Begin centstorage.data_bin purge 17/2/2012 – Finishing centstorage.data_bin purge Starting centstorage Collector : centstorage Checking out the script that logs the above (centreon Purge.sh), it seems that it created a backup file of the performance data (service-perfdata.bckp).

p=1019 However, alas none of the points mentioned in the above articles worked to bring back my graphs.

Android, being an open source platform, encourages users to involve in different kinds of custom activities like gaining root access, installing a custom recovery and flashing custom ROMs and mods.

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[y/n], default to [n]: y Do you want me to install Cent Storage run level ?

[/usr/local/centreon] [y/n], default to [n]: y Where is your Centreon log directory default to [/usr/local/centreon/log] [Enter] Do you want me to create this directory ?

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