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Treatment of cold urticaria involves avoiding the cold, when possible, and taking antihistamines.The antihistamines are best taken before exposure to cold temperatures to block some of the histamine release.

Even when it is not, you can develop cold urticaria after receiving a blood transfusion from someone who has it.Swollen capillaries in the nose are the cause of nasal congestion (nasal congestion is backed-up blood, not increased mucus).In addition to the congestion, the mucus in the nose, as we’ve said, increases and becomes thicker. Thus cold air, by itself, can produce both nasal congestion and stuffiness.Most people don’t know that allergies can be transmitted in transfusions, but they can (Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, WB Saunders, 2000)!For some people, cold urticaria is a lifelong condition; for others, it is temporary — only during and after an infection, such as mycoplasma or mononucleosis.

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