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You will be required to choose from the options below, the account type which will be most convenient and appropriate for you. Transit Classic Account : Activation Deposit ........ Foresters International Bank/Finance Transfer Instructions See below for scam email sent by them: JAMES FISHER LOAN FIRM Thanks for your E-mail regarding my Financial Advert, Before we proceed, I will like to Introduce myself to you shortly, my name's are Mr. I wait your response JAMES FISHER/CEO JAMES FISHER LOAN FIRM See below for their scam: Welcome To Diamond Trust Savings And Loans (5716 Cleveland St #200 Virginia Beach, VA 23462 USA) E-MAIL: [email protected]@Fax: 206-337-7424 Tel: 703-825-8229 Government Accredited Licensed Loan Firm Under the Data Protection Act of Registration of the Local and International Business Company (L.&I. C) Act 1992 (2970/2SN9K) Message from Mrs Lorna Kaufman: Behalf of (Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Trust Savings And Loans, VA.James Fisher , I am the Managing Director (MD) of James Fisher Loan Firm, i give out Loans at a low interest rate of 3%, I give out Personal Loans, Business Expansion Loans, Business Start-up Loans , Education Loans, Debt Consolidation Loans, Venture Capital, Hard Money Loans, even to those with Bad Credit, ETC, We offer Loan Ranging from a Minimum Amount of Three Thousand Dollars (,000.00 USD) and to a Maximum Rang of Ten Million Dollars (,000,000.00USD).. (2) Bank To Bank Transfer: This way of transfer by Bank require your banking details and if you are to use this way of transfer you are to pay for the transfer charges which will only cost you 8 and as soon as you pay for the Bank To Bank Transfer Fee you are going to have your loan funds transferred to your Bank account directly okay. USA) Attn: XXXXXXXXXXXX, We are happy to announce this to you that your Loan has been approved.About the time I started to call Western Union THEY CALLED ME! Hayes back and tell him that I just want to cancel the whole transaction, and to send my money back to me. It didn't take me 4 weeks to send it Western Union - why couldn't the money be sent back Western Union? The phone number that I was given, and used 1-800-717-4960.They asked me what the money was going to Canada for. AND CANADA to require anyone to pay for a loan or an insurance policy upfront for a loan. He said he would request the cancellation, however, it would take approx. The number in MN that I was given was 1-320-438-2283.I point blank asked him if this was a scam, that I was worried.He said "and you should be","no, what I mean is, no this isn't a scam, and you have nothing to worry about". I was pretty sure at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything.Borrower understands that the aforementioned charge is his sole responsibility and the fee cannot be deducted or added to the Loan proceeds and cannot be paid after final funds disbursement. He then advised that I needed to send the Money Western Union, and they would reimburse me for the Western Union fees.Also there is a Guarantee that you will receive your Loan Funds after the required fee has been paid by you. I needed to call him back when I got to Western Union, and he'd tell me where and to who I needed to wire the money.

I mean, after all it's THEIR website we used to apply for loans that we were all taken for!I told them it wasn't really any of their business. She tells me thank you for being honest, but we WILL NOT release the funds. As of July 14th, their phone numbers have been disconnected.The lady on the phone than asked me "Is this money to pay for an insurance policy to get a loan? I filed a complaint with the BBB, and the mail sent to the address in the website had been returned to the BBB as undeliverable. I have tried getting in touch with ez-axs group, but have had no luck.Once payment is received it take about 8 banking hours before the first lodgment is made to your bank account, Also note that an account will be given to you which all monthly payments will be made to when the time is due. He tells me to wire the money to Cheralyn Cole in Pickering, Ontario Canada.Kind regards, Edwards Morgan Below is description of how EZ-Axsgroup tries to scam consumers: (Please rememeber to NEVER pay upfront money for a loan because it is always a scam) I applied for a loan through on July 4th. He assured me that I had been approved for ,500 however, since my credit was less than perfect I needed to secure my loan. Ok, I work for a commercial insurance company, and it's not unusual for "specialty" insurance to be underwritten in another country. Johnson back with the MTCN, and he advises that the money would be direct deposited into my checking account within 1 to 2 hours.

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