Dinner dating for singles

Hosts are on hand at every event to greet guests as they arrive and make certain they are connecting and involved throughout the evening.

It is amazing to see how people immediately start conversing and comingling when placed in a normal social setting.

Not just for romantic interests, but connecting and developing relationships within a comfortable community of friends who have wonderful opportunities to socialize together and do those things singles would otherwise not be able to do.

Our first excursion was to the famed DALI Museum in St.Petersburg which hosted a world-acclaimed exhibition, "Picasso/Dali, Dali/Picasso" with works on loan from over 25 museums and private owners worldwide.With 60 people joining us, we had three amazingly knowledgeable docents conduct private tours for us.Our concept provides the perfect alternative to online dating or the typical bar scene.There is no comparison to meeting a number of quality singles in person at an upscale social event. The entire person as a whole, and how they present themselves, is what either creates that magic when you meet someone, or not.

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As a professional dancer he plays music that is all very danceable.

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