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Then there are congeners, biological compounds produced during fermentation or the ageing process that flavour and colour drinks.

Generally, clear drinks such as white wine and spirits such as vodka and gin have lower levels of congeners compared with red wine and dark spirits such as whisky and dark rum.

Made from the thin-skinned Gamay grape, this is naturally low in tannins, compared with many other French reds, and it hasn’t been anywhere near an oak barrel.Juicy and fresh with flavours of just-squashed strawberries and cherries, it’s a real revelation.As far as congeners go, white wine is a better bet than red — but best of all are clear spirits such as Given that Brighton Gin is one of the only gins to contain milk thistle, known for its liver- cleansing properties, this one’s an obvious candidate.Mild and creamy, compared with more powerful, juniper-heavy gins, it whispers, rather than shouts.Just make sure you use lots of tonic and plenty of ice to up your hydration levels and boost your hopes of waking up without a sore head.

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For Britain is currently in the grip of a boom in organic booze and low-alcohol wines, with supermarkets rushing to fill their shelves with head-friendly products as we embrace ‘cleaner’ living.

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