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Although it seems totally natural, once you are on your own, you think… #4 When something happens they are the first person you want to contact, even over your romantic relationship.You are so close that you know they will be as happy as you are, or as sad as you need them to be.the relationship may or may not have some elements or degree of s-xuality/eroticism at various times, or none – it doesn’t matter, because s-xuality/s-xual exclusivity is not what the relationship is organized around.it’s defined by the intensity and significance of the emotional people involved do not have to identify as “queer”, it’s a type of relationship experienced by and available to anybody regardless of their s-xual orientation, romantic orientation, or (non-)monogamy.It is a strong bond characterized by love, but not of a romantic type. It may or may not have overtones of sexuality or eroticism, the cornerstone of a queer platonic relationship, is that neither party, even if they have feelings, ever acts on them.A severe and deep emotional connection, it has very little to do with definitions of sexual orientation or committed intimacy.

I’d be happy to talk about my friendship with Robert before the queerplatonic partnership, about the queerplatonic relationship, about the break up, or even about our friendship since then.Granted, the fact that you are both ace and probably knew what a QPP was already probably helped but I am still curious how one moves from ‘really good friends bordering on something else’ to actually having the conversation.“ Remember anonymously sending me an ask on my tumblr (luvtheheaven) with your question, or sending me an email at [email protected] totally fine.They complete you Let’s admit it; we have all fallen in love with someone who we shouldn’t really have feelings for. We have all met that awesome friend who was either our mirror image or just “got us.” There are so few people in this world that you can truly call “friend” and who always have your back.For some, that doesn’t always happen in just a romantic relationship.

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That is why you have them on speed dial just in case the occasion arises.

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