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Dispatch caught Lee Min Ho as he went to Paris for a photoshoot on the 10th, and Suzy as she went to London for a photoshoot on the same date.

However, after Lee Min Ho was done, he flew to London to meet Suzy.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have confirmed their break up? It was not the first time for Lee and Bae to be in a breakup rumors since they are the two of the most popular Korean stars in Asia, however, it seems like no matter what the gossip sites claim, the couple’s relationship is stronger than what it seems to be!

Morning Ledger reported that the 28-year-old actor’s latest trip to Shanghai last Wednesday morning was due to work schedules.

He’s currently in the country for a Chinese cosmetic brand endorsements.

On the other hand, Lee released his new single “The Day” last November 25.

Lee Min Ho you look like a cute little baby......... My advice pliz look for sumone(girlfriend) who will make your heart sing in times of sorrow, sumone who fully understands on how you feel, lastly sumone who can makes things right wen things go wrong.... it has been said by park min young's agency that they are exclusively dating.... his recent girlfriend is not a korean star, just an ordinary girl, he mentioned that she is a very spacial friend for him and also a childhood friand of lee min ho, tho, i can't tell her name it might expose her I would say that he would not think of his pasts dates and find a delicate girl for him to live with....

it's PARK MIN YOUNG, his leading lady in city hunter... I never met him already but in his act in boys over flowers he is good. ...."well, he actually said on an interview about his love life..last time he had a girlfriend was at the age 20..doesn't have a present girlfriend and please..telling your Lee Min Ho's girlfriend..a gross..!!!! ~_just an opinion, gals..intention to hurt anyone_~....hehehe..... If they will be in a relationship,well i'll pray that they would have a long-term relationship b-cause they are really meant to each other.googogogoogog. After the Drama ended, the two were dating and then confirmed to have relationship. surely i m not his girl frnd......dosn't even know me:( but i wanna be his life time partner:)i hav seen many movies & hav came across many actors but LEE MIN HO was the only one who attracted me.i know about him very recently on 3.10.2012[2 p.m] by an intro given by frnd 2 watch "boys over flowers".i loved d role of gu jun pyo by LMH & i hope dat kind of affection wud be shown by him 2 his lover in real life.somthing says dat i had a relationship wid him I can't tell for sure who is real girlfriend is,so many girls wish to be his hrt beat,but come to think of it, people celebrate success, I bet if Lee were not to be successful, no girl would want to even claim to be his girlfriend, he is doing a Great job and I like that,and who ever his girlfriend is, she is sure a lucky person,and I guess there is no need fighting over who his girlfriend is,he is matured enough to know where his hrt belongs. wel i dont know the real girl friend of Min Ho my but i always that my lovely star will find a woman who will love him and understand him especialli in his work. wat will make me more happy is i hear that my star has a woman he reali love now .

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  1. How likely is it that my dating partner and I are going to be able to find two girls that we both want to date? And, building on that, if both my partner and I do find two girls we like, how do we decide who pairs up with whom?